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Virtual Reality (VR)

Usually when people think of virtual reality they think of video games. Here at Farris we have leveraged that same technology for engineering and design. Both our customers and our engineers can step inside our designs and experience them before anything is manufactured. We have the ability to design systems, see the designs to scale in real time, and feel like we are standing right in front of the system. This helps our engineers optimize designs, make designs more ergonomic, and make any necessary changes before spending money machining parts. This also allows our customers to experience the system they are purchasing from us early and give feedback. This is much more affective than just looking at a computer screen. We can walk around the machine and experience the final product before it is built in real life. The result is clear communication with our clients, full understanding of the machine as a whole, saving everyone time, money, and creating better designs that fit your needs.

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