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Sunroof Assist - Lift Fixture

Key Features​

  • AGV drive thru feature

  • Pneumatic lift cylinders

  • Crowding cylinders justify the sunroof to position for picking

  • Features for alignment to Knight Ergo lift assist

  • Manual load override

Key Components​

  • Keyence Area Scanners

  • SMC Pneumatic lift and air cylinders

  • SMC Air Manifold

  • AB ArmorBlock I/O

  • Banner Light Stack

  • Turck Proximity switched verify all motion positions

Nissan Sunroof Assist Lift Fixture.png
Nissan Sunroof Assist AGV Carts.png

Sunroof Assist - AGV Carts

  • Transport sunroofs from pick station to assembly line

  • Capable of multiple sunroof nesting without change-overs

Sunroof Assist - Knight Collaboration

  • AGV Lift was integrated with Knight’s lift assist

Nissan Sunroof Assist Knight Collaboration.png
Rear Hatch Lift Assist - Smyrna, TN.png

Rear Hatch Lift Assist - Sequence of Operation

  • Front dancer bar deploys

  • Vehicle comes in contact with dancer bar pad, moving pad forward

  • Redundant inclinometers monitor angle and slow or speed system to match vehicle

  • Pneumatic lift cylinders deploy, pivoting telescoping arms downward into position

  • Lift feature telescopes into rear hatch window opening

  • Rollers pivot upward contacting the inside surface of the hatch

  • Air cylinders retract, setting overall height

  • Operator enters safety zone to install shocks onto rear hatch

  • Operators utilize pull cord to signal work is complete

  • Once out of the safety zone, the assist pulls out of the vehicle, folds up and returns to start


Total Cycle Time: 59 seconds

Rear Hatch Lift Assist - Key Features

  • Redundant Inclinometers

  • (4) Safety Scanners

  • Infinite hatch height adjustments using servo lift arm

  • Tractor motor following

  • E-Stop tied to line

  • All Nissan specifications adhered to

Rear Hatch Lift Assist - Smyrna, TN.png
Rear Hatch Lift Assist -Key Features.png

Nissan Rear Hatch Lift Assist

Back Door Mudule Cell.JPG

Nissan Back Door Module Pick and Place Cell

  • ​Lifts rear hatch from an infeed conveyor and places it on a lift table

  • Lift table presents it to a Knight assist for placement on vehicle

  • Cameras verify presence of o-ring washers 

  • Designed and built by FAS

Nissan Back Door Module Cell

Key Features​

  • Conveyor feed into cell

  • Suction cup lifting

  • Macron linear actuator

  • Integrated up/down torque tube

  • Vision Cameras

  • Safety Scanners

  • Full fencing


Nissan Back Door Module Cell

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