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Medical Industry

Leak Testing

  • Bowl feed parts

  • Weiss pick and place

  • Banner thru-beams

  • 4 position dial

  • Good/bad part detection

Leak Testing.png
Cathode Blanking Machine.png

Cathode Blanking Machine
(Hearing Aid Batteries)

  • Punch presses and web dispensing

  • Glue insertion & Vision check

  • Adaptable to 4 different part sizes

  • 8 station

Cathode Blanking Machine
(Hearing Aid Batteries)

Dispense, Sort, and Stack

  • Medical grade manufacturing

  • Two index dials

  • One dispense hopper

  • Cognex vision

  • Denso SCARA robot

Dispense, Sort, and Stack.png

Dispense, Sort and Stack

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