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Who We Are

About Our Company

Farris Automated Systems is located in Mukwonago, about 25 miles Southwest of Milwaukee. We have been building machines since 2003. Our team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Designers, PLC Programmers, and Panel Builders team up with our top-notch machining department to build amazing machines! 


We  began with the auto industry, and now have customers across a wide spectrum of industries - take a look here!


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed

Mark Johansen

CEO, Farris Automated Systems

Empty Factory

475 McKenzie Rd

Mukwonago, WI 53149

50,000 Square Feet

Our Facility

  • Engineering offices with common collaboration spaces

  • Full capability in-house machine shop

  • Full capability panel build shop

  • Multiple assembly stations

  • Dynamic assembly line station for functional moving line testing and buy-offs

  • Warehousing


Over 250+ semi and fully automated custom machines.

  • Value added assembly

  • Systems integrations

  • End of line and functional test stands

  • Automated servo and hydraulic presses

  • Pick and place / Handling equipment

  • Tighten to resistance machines (T2R)

  • Vision guided robots

  • Quality controls

Our Process

  • Education

  • Define risk

  • Strategize

  • Concept

  • Design

  • Build

  • Test

  • Install

  • Support

Example Applications

  • Presses

  • Robotic assembly cells

  • Assembly lines

  • Medical quality testing

  • Tier 1 automotive assembly


Turnkey Automation Solutions

We start with fully formed plan, napkin sketch, or a request to "fix this!" Wherever you are in your project, we willl work with you to build a solution to fit your needs. You'll get the benefit of highly qualified engineers and the personal attention that comes from a small company that can move quickly to achieve your goals.

Our Vision

We Aim to Build a Better World

Let us design and build custom assembly equipment for your  specific product. Our machines are designed around your unique production rates, speeds, parts, and quality.


We will help you engineer a fully integrated system that works for you. Whether you need high end fastening equipment, vision guided robotics, test stands, press stations or assembly lines, we'll find the vendors, engineer according to your specs, meet OSHA and UL requirements, design the safety guarding and install the system in your plant. We'll work with you through the testing and installation until the system is doing what you want it to.


We'll be on call for any problems and provide you with spare parts when you need them. Our goal is your satisfaction.

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