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Our Vision.

We start with a napkin sketch, a white board drawing or a request to "fix this!" Or, we can begin with your fully formed plan.


Wherever you are, we'll work with you to build a solution to fit your needs. We'll install it, test it, and train your operators. You'll get the benefit of highly qualified engineers and the personal attention that comes from a small company.


Our Solutions.

Farris Automated Systems has a wide array of solutions that we integrate to create the perfect answer to your problem.


Whether it's  within an established line, a retrofit for a new application, or a entirely new line, we will use our knowledge of fastening, assembly, robotics, programming and machining to design your custom solution.

Our Process.

Our engineers visit your facility to learn about your requirements and production process. We take that information and create a custom designed concept for you, along with a cost/benefit analysis.


We'll design the electrical and mechanical pieces of your system, build it , test it, and install it. We provide documentation, training, and replacement parts.

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