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Custom Automation

Our custom automation solutions are designed to save you time and money, with the repeatability and traceability you need.

Check out our work below!

Custom Test Stands

Verification. Repeatability. Quality. We know you want your product to be at it's best when you ship it. Whatever your specs are, we can build a test stand to help you meet them.

Vision Guided Robotics

Robotics are  an economical way to update your assembly and machining processes. Farris can integrate a robotic cell into your existing line or machining center.

Full Machining Services

Contract Manufacturing

Our in-house automation capabilities allow us to quickly set up and automate your production job. From a one piece prototype to large production runs, our focus is on the same cost, quality, and delivery principles that are applied to our own internal projects.

We can also provide assembled fixtures and components that are tested, packaged and shipped based on your production specifications. 

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